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Change the Way You Measure Success

What Haven’t I Done Before?

Multiple Awards & Commendations!

Many investors are looking for new investments that provide them with opportunities to be a part of the business. Paul Davis Restoration franchise ownership is a chance to utilize a life-times’ worth of knowledge and experience for your benefit. We value all the business acumen you have gained throughout your career, and our model allows you to implement your own perspective on running your franchise.

At Paul Davis, we see our investor franchise owners as partners. We know that cooperation, respect, and teamwork must exist between franchisees and our corporate office. These practices are key to our mutual success. If you’re ready to try your hand at something new and unexpectedly engaging, Paul Davis is worth the investment.

The Paul Davis legacy is going strong at over 50 years in the industry. We are committed to being innovators as we continue our leadership in the damage restoration services space. There is nothing cookie-cutter about anything we do, from our business model to the way we work with clients and insurance agents. Paul Davis Restoration is the best in the business, and we partner with high-energy entrepreneurs to carry on our legacy.

We don’t only innovate our processes and practices, we seek out ways to rejuvenate our company. We capitalize on the drive and ambition our franchise owners bring to the table and support our franchise owners with continued training, education and cutting-edge technology. We look to our teams to tell us how we can improve and become more effective for our clients and owners so they can continue their success with us.

Multiple Awards & Commendations!

Shaping Our Company for the Future

We provide franchisees an arsenal of resources throughout their ownership, starting with a dedicated coach, a mentoring network populated with owners, along with technical and business support. We only invite the best people to join our franchise network and trust them to run their businesses in response to the specific needs and demands their territories possess. As a Paul Davis franchise owner, you shape the destiny of Paul Davis as the company grows and evolves.

A Business with a Big Heart

As an established organization, our name stands out and we own our part of the service sectors. Paul Davis is able to offer our franchisees many diverse benefits to grow their business and contribute to the growth of our company at large. We also have the added benefit of the camaraderie of a family business. The combination of big business expertise and community-based family business is what makes Paul Davis Restoration an extraordinary company.

Sharon Green

"I came into the PDR world as an accounting person who moved thru every aspect of the business before purchasing the business from my former boss. The organization offers that type of growth to the right people."

— Sharon Green

The Advantages of Owning a Paul Davis Restoration Business

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Collaboration & Teamwork

Collaboration’s not just a buzzword at PDR: Our franchisees help shape corporate policy.

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The Paul Davis Heritage

Paul Davis Restoration is a respected, innovative brand, helping home and business owners to restore peace after the storm for more than 50 years.

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Training & Support

Meet the experts who provide industry-leading training at our state-of-the-art facility.

Push Through the Status Quo

Paul Davis Restoration franchise owners and their local teams are among the first responders during natural disasters. We work with local firemen, insurance companies and service providers to assist and observe as needed. Our motto, “This is no time for second best” rings true with everything we do. From rising up to meet challenges head-on to solving problems throughout our communities, Paul Davis pushes to exceed expectations.

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Thriving Partnerships

We provide franchise owners with the best training in the industry and the support and resources they need to make their business thrive. Once in the field, franchisees provide practical insights, which we use to make policies and develop processes and best practices to use network wide. Paul Davis Restoration’s corporate culture is built on strong cooperation between home office and franchisees. This partnership plays an essential role in making our company the industry leader in restoration services.

Help on Demand

Disasters don’t rest and dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster is completely devastating and overwhelming. Damage cleanup and restoration work will always be in demand. We seek out ways to improve what we do for our customers and have a continued space in the marketplace. We know that by effectively doing our part and helping our customers efficiently we make their lives easier.

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ROI you can Measure

Franchise ownership allows you to add to your existing network. Paul Davis is a respected and established brand, so up-front investment costs have a quick turnaround.

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The Heart of What We Do

Paul Davis is more than a business; we serve a social purpose for those in need of our services. Dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster is completely devastating and overwhelming. People are typically left in a state of deep grief and confusion and don’t know what to do next. This is where our business owners make a difference in the lives of their customers. Our service providers specialize in cleanup and damage repair services resulting from floods, fire, mold, and storms, and allow our clients to focus their energy where it’s needed most.

Learn More About Investing in a Franchise of Your Own

Our disaster recovery franchise owners receive industry-leading training for all aspects of the job. We teach you and your team how to restore homes to like-new condition after enduring fire, smoke and water damage. Paul Davis Restoration franchise owners are also trained to create complete and accurate repair estimates, how to work with insurance adjusters and appropriate negotiation skills for needed property repairs. We are looking for those with business experience and a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship who are eager for a change of pace. Concat Paul Davis today.

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Established Brand Recognition

Join Paul Davis Restoration and invest in the profitable restoration marketplace with the confidence that comes from our first-class training.

We work with those who embody our values and are ready to join our team, regardless of experience level and financial status.

Have a strong balance between home life and work life.

Our business model is designed to achieve the level of growth you desire because you scale your restoration franchise to the size you want.

Our home office is supportive with a personalized approach to ensuring your success.

Join the Paul Davis Team Today

Paul Davis Restoration is North America’s leading insurance restoration network and offers investment and franchise opportunities. Our business owners provide disaster recovery to residential and commercial property owners who face damages resulting from floods, fire, mold, and storms. Paul Davis provides the structure and support system that help you build your own business.