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Is Franchise Ownership an Option for Me?

Multiple Awards & Commendations!

There has been a cultural shift towards owning one’s own business at a younger age. The youthful, passionate individuals behind this movement want more from life than punching a timeclock. This shift is focused equally on generating a usable income and a satisfying work-life balance. Owning a Paul Davis Restoration franchise is a gratifying way to have this, and so much more. Youthful entrepreneurs with motivation, drive and discipline are the perfect candidates for owning a restoration company. If you hear yourself described in those words, then let our team add to your momentum and focus your energy on a career that pays off for you!

Passionate and driven entrepreneurs are an ideal fit for Paul Davis Restoration because they are the driving force behind their own success. Their momentum ignites excitement in their team and their fresh perspective opens opportunities to grow and run a business that is backed by a supportive home office. Paul Davis services help others endure tough times through reconstruction, restoration, and remediation of damaged residential and commercial property. By becoming a part of a well-established franchise, we provide the tools necessary to be successful now and into retirement.

Recently there has been an increased number of start-ups and attempts at careers in social media. While those may work for some, it is not always a sustainable venture. If you want an alternative career and are motivated by this current movement, but not interested in that type of work, then owning a franchise is an excellent way to create the life you want.

Multiple Awards & Commendations!

Paul Davis Restoration is a business with a strong social purpose—helping those in need. You, as a franchise owner, have the capability to help home and property owners when disaster strikes, and they need help that only you can provide. Emergency damage restoration is a gratifying career because the Paul Davis team you build can make a positive impact for those in need of your emergency services.

Our business model enables franchise owners to grow their business and their team to the size they desire. Whether you are better suited to running a team of people or prefer to be on the front lines working directly with the customers, Paul Davis Restoration franchising is flexible enough to meet your needs.

You are your own boss and lead a dependable team compassionate to the people you hire. This opportunity allows you to build and cultivate a team that will build your business. Our franchise model is designed to support a stable life now and in the future.

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"My mom and dad bought the franchise in 1997 after having been in the real estate development business. They were so tired of the ups and downs and wanted something more stable. Obviously, all markets have ups and downs, but this business tends to be a bit more stable and fares well even during recessions."

— Alexis Golkin

The Advantages of Owning a Paul Davis Restoration Business

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Supportive Home Office

Own a Paul Davis Restoration and run your own business that is fully supported and backed by a home office that is invested in your success.

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Measurable ROI that Means Something

Invest in yourself, build your business and create a financially secure future. Franchise ownership requires an up-front investment with a quick turnaround because Paul Davis is a respected and established brand.

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Equal Market Share

Franchise owners have an equal share of the market space because we operate within specified territories. We do not oversaturate the market, so you won’t be competing with other Paul Davis locations for work.

How Can I Join the Paul Davis Team?

A Paul Davis franchise is your opportunity to build and run a rewarding business. We want youthful, energetic entrepreneurs who are hungry for success to expand our network of over 320 franchise locations from coast to coast.

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Do I Need to Have Previous Experience?

Construction and damage restoration experience are advantages, but not necessities. At Paul Davis, we provide our business owners with everything they need to own and operate a successful restoration and emergency services business. We provide industry-leading training and support to our franchise owners. Paul Davis is the best restoration company in the industry because we invest so much in our franchisees.

Is a Franchise Profitable?

Investing in a Paul Davis franchise is an investment in your future. Because you scale your business to the size you want and determine your engagement level, you dictate your profitability. There are up-front franchise fees for ownership and Paul Davis has financing options available.

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What Our People Have to Say

Paul Davis Restoration is the best in the business, and we’re looking for high-energy entrepreneurs to carry on our legacy of outstanding service. We are excited to find people who embody our values are ready to capitalize on the potential of this growing industry.

Darren Impson

Tampa Franchisee

Passionate about making a difference and helping people through really tough times.

Desired a career where he could still generate an income when he is not in the office.

Started small with only one other employee, and now has a thriving business.

Leslie Anderson

Head of Training

Had limited experience in construction.

Connected with the business model and saw the potential for growth.

Wanted a work-life balance that fulfilled a desire to work hard while staying connected to family.

Meet the Demand

There will always be a need for damage restoration because disasters are not dictated by economic changes or the current social climate. Home and business owners may require restoration services at any time. The innovations in technology pioneered by Paul Davis Restoration ensure our franchise owners are primed to take advantage of industry trends. Our franchisees are in constant demand any time people need restoration services after natural disasters.

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Ensuring Your Success

We provide franchise owners with the most thorough training in the business. Your learning takes place at our state-of-the-art training facilities where dedicated instructors ensure you possess the skills you need to operate your business and provide the services your clients require. Once you’ve completed training, you’ll have the in-depth knowledge to make your restoration business thrive.

Innovate and Grow

We are a leader in the restoration marketplace and work hard to maintain that position. Paul Davis Restoration is constantly developing and seeking out innovations that enable us to get the job done more efficiently and effectively. Our relentless pursuit to improve, grow and innovate ensures we keep costs low, maintain our reputation of excellence and produce happy customers.

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Established Brand Recognition

Join Paul Davis Restoration and invest in the profitable restoration marketplace with the confidence that comes from our first-class training.

We work with those who embody our values and are ready to join our team, regardless of experience level and financial status.

Our business model is designed to achieve the level of growth you desire because you scale your restoration franchise to the size you want.

Our home office is supportive with a personalized approach to ensuring your success.

Have a strong balance between home life and work life.

Join The Paul Davis Team Today

Paul Davis provides the structure and support system that help you build your own business. Our franchise owners encapsulate the spirit of entrepreneurship, and the work and effort you put forth combined with the results will keep your ambition and motivation focused on a direct path to achieve your goals. We are looking for team members with a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship and want to make a success of their own business.