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Franchise Launch

Your success continues with our team.

Paul Davis has developed a new program called Franchise Launch. From the moment a new franchisee comes on board they are assigned a "Launch Coach." After they attend Owner’s School, that’s when the full on hand holding begins.

The majority of small business fail within the first 2 years. The Franchise Launch program is developed to prevent the franchisees from failing. The franchisee’s knowledge of the industry/business will determine the time period they will work with the coach. Typically, PDR sees this being a 24-month process. Once Eric identifies each individual’s needs, then the structure of the program will be customized to fit each Z.

The Launch Coach not only teaches them the PDR model, but they train the Z on what it takes from an operational standpoint (i.e., financial, operating, marketing, onboarding, hiring/building a team, & human resources, etc.).

Once the Z learns everything from vision & mission statements to value system, Quickbooks, Xactimate, marketing, hiring, developing, growing, etc., then they hand them over to the RVC. This could be right away or within 2 years depending on experience.

About Eric Taylor

PDR Launch Coach

Eric’s goal is to create an experience similar to boot camp in the military. As in the Military is the big picture, but you can’t have the military without having the boot camp training. He wants that same comradery within Paul Davis. He wants it to be like a fellowship that people will talk about in the future (i.e., franchisees talking to one another: “Oh, I worked with Eric as my franchise launch coach, he was awesome! Who was your coach?!?”)

Eric has a lot of faith in the program and believes it will be a success because of the CEO’s leadership. They are putting things into action this year. Last year was all about listening to the needs and planning behind the scenes. This year it’s about putting everything into action!

Eric Taylor — Regional Business Consultant
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