Sonny Bass

Technical Director

  • Sonny has been working in the restoration industry since the 1970s. He brings his decades of experience to help support agents in the field, as well as teaching the IICRC training certification courses and writing technical manuals.
  • Sonny was an important part of the restoration industry’s revolution in the 1990s, when agents began to incorporate scientifically valid measurements to describe their work and test that they were truly addressing and eliminating structural damage.
  • Sonny has owned a company with over 100 employees, been the executive director of the IICRC, and has worked for Paul Davis Restoration since 2001. He has an insider’s knowledge of the many facets of business in general and restoration in particular.

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Paul Davis Restoration is a respected, innovative brand, helping home and business owners to restore peace after the storm for more than 50 years.


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