Sharon Green
Sharon Green - Owner, Paul Davis of Greater Asheville
Sharon Green
Paul Davis of Greater Asheville
  • Graduate of the University of North Carolina-Asheville with a degree in Business Management.
  • Worked as a PDR associate for 7 years prior to becoming a franchise owner.
  • Bought into PDR franchise in 2009, became sole owner in 2011.
  • Certified in IICRC applied microbial remediation, fire and smoke damage, water damage, and applied structural drying.

Meet Sharon Green, Franchise Owner

When considering a purchasing a Paul Davis Franchise, there’s no greater proof than considering the success of current Paul Davis franchisees. This is no different for Sharon Green, owner of Paul Davis of Greater Asheville.

With her BAA in Business Administration and Management from UNC Asheville, Sharon Green came to Paul Davis with a head for finance and determination.

Sharon and her husband Hugh discovered the Paul Davis Brand when her previous employer purchased a car from their used car lot. Networking is never a waste of time!

“I worked as an associate for Paul Davis Restoration for 7 years before becoming the General Manager then the following year I became an officer in the company. When retirement became an option for the previous owner, Jim Buening, I bought him out. I have owned the company since January 2011.”

Sharon is certified in IICRC applied microbial remediation, fire and smoke damage, water damage, and applied structural drying.

How have other franchisees helped with your success?

“The communication with other PDR offices is instrumental in growing this business to different levels. Find a mentor and call them on a regular basis.”

How was Corporate Office training experience? When was your last session with the system?

Training is improving daily. We used to have only a few trainings that we could attend and it did not get you ready for the real world. We now have in-house as well as online training that helps with everyday world issues. My last on-site training was in my office in July 2016 for my techs. I attended a marketing class in Jacksonville in spring of 2016.”

Who at corporate has been most influential in helping you succeed?

“There are many at different stages - currently Eric Taylor is doing an amazing job with our district, before that Todd Smith helped me with various items but only when prompted to do so, Deena and Anita are my go to for help desk/accounting issues and both do a wonderful job - these are all day to day issues - the ones that I think are going to be most important to the overall growth of our business as a whole is the new "CE" team - by that i mean the heads of all departments - we are on a completely different track than we have been on in the past and it is EXCITING!”

What advice would you give prospective franchisees?

“Find a mentor to help you along the way - someone who you can call when you are stuck or frustrated - this will help more than anything else.”

Why it is so important to attend the annual Convention?

“Networking! You never know who you may meet that changes the way you do business!”

With Sharon’s story, and many others, it’s apparent that Paul Davis has a team-centered heritage and culture of ongoing training.

At Paul Davis teamwork matters. Everyone succeeds — together. Your success begins with our team.

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Certifications Held

  • IICRC applied microbial remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Water damage
  • Applied structural drying
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