Ryan Kientzler
Ryan Kientzler - A Franchise Owner
Ryan Kientzler
Franchise Owner
  • Owns one Paul Davis Emergency Services and two Paul Davis Restoration locations with partner Phil Landers.
  • Advice to New Paul Davis Business Owners: Hire great employees and give them opportunities for advancement. “We look deep into people’s backgrounds when we do our hiring. We hire people with a humanitarian and volunteer attitude that want to help people. Our motto is, ‘Get the right person on the right seat in the bus.’”
  • On Franchisee Collaboration: “There are six different Emergency Services offices around our area. They do mitigation work, and feed us restoration work. When one office can’t do a job an office nearby can and will, and it’s very nice to have that extra teamwork around the Metroplex.”
  • On Corporate Support: “From the start of my business till now the support has been incredible. We can pick up the phone and call for help any hour of the day or night and know they’ll pick up and answer. We learn whatever we need to know to get the job done.”
  • Secret to His Success: “I’m not willing to shut it down for the day if there’s something else sitting on the table that needs to be done. In this business, it’s all about hard work, forming relationships with adjustors, and building trust.”
Years of Franchise Experience
Customers Served (2013-17)
Business Growth (2013-2017)
Million Dollars in Sales in 2017

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Ryan Kientzler
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