Patrick Wildridge
Patrick Wildridge - Owner, Paul Davis Restoration of Union & Essex Counties
Patrick Wildridge
Paul Davis Restoration of Union & Essex Counties
  • Graduate of the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.
  • PDR franchise owner since 2002.
  • Certified in WTR, ASD, mold, fire & smoke, CHAMP, and more.

Meet Patrick Wildridge, Franchise Owner

When considering a Paul Davis Franchise, there's no better testimony than considering the success of fellow Paul Davis franchisees.

University of South Florida graduate Patrick Wildridge is the owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Union & Essex Counties. He heard about Paul Davis from a newspaper ad and opened his business in 2002. Not only does he have a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, he is certified in WTR, ASD, mold, fire & smoke, CHAMP, to name a few.

But Patrick doesn’t stop there. In the article naming him Irishman of the Year in 2016, the author states that Wildridge is heavily involved in charitable organizations.

“Additionally, for many years, Wildridge has supported local hospitals, fire departments, and the New Jersey State Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association (NJFMBA), along with a Connecticut children's burn camp, Eden Autism Services, Autism Speaks, and Autism New Jersey.”

Patrick takes that community service attitude seriously and integrates it into their customer service for Paul Davis Restoration of Union & Essex Counties.

“We are very proud of our high customer satisfaction scores in a challenging industry and during such challenging times in our customers’ lives. Our goal has been and will always be to focus on exceptional customer satisfaction and outstanding customer service.”

Fifteen years later, and enjoying much success, Patrick recommends hiring more people than you think you need and starting with enough capital. He also says that joining a roundtable or mastermind in your local area is helpful.

Along with the annual convention which helps with camaraderie, Paul has been most influenced by Steve Rotay and Mike Whitlock.

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  • WTR
  • ASD
  • Mold, fire & smoke
  • And more
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