Rich Wilson
Rich Wilson
President & CEO
  • Rich was almost eaten by a Grizzly Bear while fishing in Alaska in August 2012.
  • Recruit the best people, invest in their skill development, and continuously provide them opportunities to grow.
  • The best ideas and certainly the best buy-in comes when you really actively listen to the Franchise owners.
  • “It’s okay to be uncomfortable, and it’s okay to have some conflict.” CPaffinity
  • “Right now, this micro-sensitivity and fear of hurting feelings is really harmful to business culture. You don’t grow without feeling a bit of pain, and you have to be okay with that. If you don’t approach pain, you will never grow.” CPaffinity

What people are saying about Rich Wilson:

“I have worked under Rich Wilson for several years in two companies now and I must say after 35 years in franchising the one quality that stands out for me is Rich’s ability to build teams. It’s probably the single most important thing a franchisor needs to know how to do.”

Rhonda Sanderson, President Sanderson & Associates

“I am so thankful that I have an arts degree. College is the one time in your life where you can be thoughtful, and in fact you have to be thoughtful. Right now, people say arts is a waste of time and I don’t like that. It challenged my communication, critical thinking, and made me a better person.”

Rich Wilson in CPaffinity

Rich Wilson In Action

Rich Wilson - President & CEO of Paul Davis Rich Wilson - President & CEO of Paul Davis Rich Wilson - President & CEO of Paul Davis
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Paul Davis Restoration is the leading emergency service and property damage reconstruction provider in North America, with more than 300 franchise locations. Our experience and dedication to providing best-in-class training and support to both our clients and franchisees makes us the leading restoration company in the business.

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