Getting to Know Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor — Regional Business Consultant

Eric Taylor — Regional Business Consultant

Meet Eric – Regional Business Consultant

An upbringing in construction, belief in loyalty, and journey of faith brings Eric Taylor to Paul Davis.

Part of the onboarding process for a franchisee is the tools a franchise gives you. Eric believes in this process wholeheartedly.

“A big part of the system is tools to give people the information to judge the fit.”

He believes that understanding the people behind the brand is an important part of the heritage of Paul Davis.

Supporting the franchisee with training and a collaborative company culture is an important part of the Paul Davis system. No business is easy, but for the right person, Paul Davis is an amazing franchise opportunity.

A Heritage of Construction

For Eric, construction is in his blood. He grew up in rural North Carolina in a house his dad built. His dad grew up in a house Eric’s grandfather built.

The advice his dad always gave him was,

“Whatever you touch, your name is on it. Be the best.”


His trade skills were used to help with his college education but his desire was to be in law enforcement. The struggle, however, is that Eric’s heart was to be a family man. A career with the DEA, FBI, or US Marshalls would conflict with the family life he wanted more than anything.

Knowing a trade is one thing. He was a custom deck and fence builder but he wanted more. Though he was a sole proprietor, he started working for a General Contractor to learn the whole process.

A life-long learner, Eric consumed information. But he knew that the application of the knowledge is what makes the real difference.

He started sweeping homes for a builder in Atlanta, Georgia, working under a superintendent, to being promoted to a superintendent, to project manager, and to construction manager.

Eric’s belief in continuing education allowed him to rise among the ranks quite quickly. Six years into his building career, he was already developing sites and subdivisions for custom homes.

The Crash of 2009 – Eric’s Path to Paul Davis

Though Eric and his partner had been building for investors, the housing market crash of 2009 was devastating. More than being financially devastating, it was a time of being separated from his family, seeking work where it could be found.

After Hurricane Ike, Eric worked for FEMA and The Red Cross and lived in Tent City. Commuting home for him wasn’t daily or even weekly, it was a monthly occurrence.

Not wanting to waste time, he used the free WiFi at restaurants and coffee shops and completed online courses for his MBA.

Being away from his wife and two daughters, however, went against his core belief in being a family man. He began to work for a commercial roofing company who sent him to get several certifications including Johns Mansville. The public works experience just added to the value and his knowledge.

His favorite WiFi working spot, it turns out, was across the street from a church. He felt drawn back to faith and family. They sold their house in Atlanta and his wife and children moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where her family was from.

Little did he know at that time that Jacksonville, Fl is the headquarters for Paul Davis.

Eric continued to look for a financial path back to his family and put his resume on Almost immediately he was contacted by a recruiter who, after looking at his experience, presented Eric with four franchising opportunities in the restoration business.

He only chose one — Paul Davis.

“Paul Davis immediately stood out as a special place.”

Loyalty & Professionalism Matter

To Eric Taylor, loyalty matters. It’s part of his core beliefs in family and faith. He found out that loyalty matters to Paul Davis. We have a proud heritage of long-term employees and franchisee partners who invest in the brand.

“It had an image of professionalism in the construction industry.”

Eric also appreciated that Paul Davis presented themselves on job sites — people’s homes — in professional attire. It means something to people and projects competence and reliability. He knew this was the right fit for him. He called the recruiter and said, “Absolutely. Paul Davis. That’s it.”

“If you guys take care of me, I’m going to take care of you.”

Eric started the recruitment process. Funny, looking back, he said it didn’t occur to him that the headquarters of this position was where his wife and children moved. He needed a way back to his family and everything was falling into place.

In the corporate interview he was blunt,

“I need a win. I need to get back to my family.”

Eric was impressed that the Paul Davis team spent time trying to figure out who he was. They wanted to ensure that Eric would be loyal. That was what sealed the deal in Eric’s mind. Eric made a commitment for five years. Now in his sixth year at Paul Davis, he doesn’t see any reason to ever leave.

Passion for Franchisee Success

Unlike the traditional bark and obey model the construction industry is infamous for, Paul Davis believes in collaboration, support, and training. As a consultant, Eric uses his influence to help the franchisee shape the model to fit his goals. Whether the franchise is $750,000 or $85,000 a year, they all need to be profitable and maintain quality of life. That’s success.

Helping franchisees is the “best graduate school of experience.”

Why is Eric so passionate?

Paul Davis believes in collaboration to build trust and the flexibility to contour to your needs. Managers add value and by being supportive. Eric, along with the Paul Davis team, support franchisees with the KPIs that have meaning to them. That’s the collaborative model that’s brought them success.

“This job — it requires passion… It makes me feel exceptional when they’re doing well.”

We are truly as committed to your success as you are and stand behind you and your business from day one. Contact us today.

Why Paul Davis?

Paul Davis Restoration is the leading property damage reconstruction provider in North America, with more than 300 franchise locations. Our experience and dedication to providing best-in-class training and support to both our clients and franchisees makes us the leading restoration company in the business.

If you’re dedicated, ready to learn, and want to take control of your financial future, explore owning a Paul Davis Restoration business. It just might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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