Phillip Welsh — Paul Davis Success Story

When considering a Paul Davis Franchise, there's no better testimony than considering the success of fellow Paul Davis franchisees. It's no different with Phillip Welsh.When considering a Paul Davis Franchise, there’s no better testimony than considering the success of fellow Paul Davis franchisees. It’s no different with Phillip Welsh.

University of Central Florida Graduate, Philip Welsh, has been President of Paul Davis Restoration of the Space Coast in Florida since 2011.

How did Phillip find Paul Davis?

He found Paul Davis through word of mouth and has enjoyed success with the help of the other franchisees in the system.

When interviewed by Florida Today, Philip gave some insight into how he feels being part of the Paul Davis system is an ideal fit.

“Both construction and helping others is in my family’s DNA — so insurance restoration was naturally a good fit for me.”

Secrets to His Success

There isn’t one person who has influenced Philip most from Paul Davis Corporate; rather, he gains knowledge from anyone he can. He holds certificates in WRT, ASD, lead. He is also a licensed mold remediator.

To other franchisees he suggests to “sell the Paul Davis way every chance you get.” He also recommends attending the annual conference. The conference not only gives you insight into the system, but helps you feel part of something greater than you.

At Paul Davis teamwork matters. Everyone succeeds — together.

Your success begins with our team.

Why Paul Davis?

Paul Davis Restoration is the leading emergency service and property damage reconstruction provider in North America, with more than 300 franchise locations. Our experience and dedication to providing best-in-class training and support to both our clients and franchisees makes us the leading restoration company in the business.

If you’re dedicated, ready to learn, and want to take control of your financial future, explore owning a Paul Davis Restoration business. It just might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Your success begins
with our team

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