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Shawn Clark

Chief Information Officer

  • As Chief Information Officer, Shawn believes that communicating with owners is essential for the health of the Paul Davis Restoration brand.
  • Shawn personally calls owners to discuss their concerns and ideas when new software is being rolled out.
  • For Shawn, remembering the purpose of Paul Davis Restoration — assisting homeowners who have experienced a crisis — is crucial. Uniting around that high purpose promotes collaboration between the executive team and franchise owners and enhances the brand and each franchise.
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Why Paul Davis?



Collaboration’s not just a buzzword at PDR: Our franchisees help shape corporate policy.


The Paul Davis Heritage

Paul Davis Restoration is a respected, innovative brand, helping home and business owners to restore peace after the storm for more than 50 years.


Training & Support

Meet the experts who provide industry-leading training at our state-of-the-art facility.