A.L. Whitaker
A.L. Whitaker
Director of Marketing
  • A.L. Whitaker is the Director of Marketing for the Paul Davis franchise network. She has over 10 years of marketing, communications, brand development, and PR experience.
  • A.L. received her MBA from the University of North Florida, BA in Speech Communications from the University of Georgia, and completed two study abroad programs.
  • Her primary focus is on leading a highly effective franchisor marketing team and offer concrete support to nearly 400 franchisees in North America, while helping to grow the Paul Davis brand.
  • Fun Facts: “I’ve climbed the Great Wall, fed milk to a baby tiger, rode an elephant, held a monkey’s hand, jumped out of two planes, got a tattoo in South Africa, and lived on a boat that sailed around the world.”

A.L. Whitaker — Director of Marketing

What people are saying about A.L. Whitaker:

 “Anne Lacey (A.L.) has not failed me a single time. She is a dedicated, ambitious, and results-driven leader. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, A.L. is your woman! She delivers what is promised and can deal with difficult situations through problem solving. She motivates and creates a positive environment for her team.”

“Anne Lacey has been a tremendous asset. She is an important contributor to the CEO, as well as the company’s marketing efforts. She consistently delivers high quality work products, meets or exceeds expectations, and assists her co-workers whenever possible. Anne Lacey’s outstanding level of service, professionalism, and follow-through exemplifies her good character and I highly recommend her for any marketing position.”

A.L. Whitaker In Action

A.L. Whitaker — Director of Marketing A.L. Whitaker — Director of Marketing A.L. Whitaker — Director of Marketing
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